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Pinkdose 1 Elephant Ear Black Stem -Colocasia esculenta- Add a Tropical Look to Your Garden B07D695HNV

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  • Foliage: deciduous, sunlight: full sun

  • Plant name: elephant ears, usda hardiness zone (°f):8-11

  • Season of interest: summer, climate: tropical

  • Daikon radishpress to translate listing translator by hindi portuguese thai korean french chinese spanish arabic japanese german russian italian growing elephant ear plants is easy. Most of these plants prefer rich, moist soil and can be grown in full sun, but they generally prefer partial shade. The tubers can be placed directly outdoors once the threat of frost or freezing temperatures have ceased in your area. Plant the tubers about 2 to 3 inches deep, blunt end down. Planting elephant ear bulbs indoors approximately eight weeks prior to the last frost date is also acceptable. If growing in pots use a rich, organic potting soil and plant them at the same depth. Harden off elephant ear plants for about a week prior to placing them outdoors. How to take care of an elephant ear plantonce established, elephant ears require little attention. During dry spells, you may want to water plants regularly, especially those growing in containers. Although not absolutely necessary, you may also want to apply a slow-release fertilizer to the soil periodically. Elephant ears cannot survive winter outdoors. Freezing temperatures kill foliage and damage tubers. Therefore, in areas with harsh, cold winters (like those in northernmost regions),the plants must be dug up and stored indoors. Cut the foliage back to about a couple of inches after the first frost in your area and then carefully dig up the plants. Allow the tubers to dry out for about a day or two and then store them in peat moss or shavings. Place them in a cool, dark area such as a basement or crawlspace. Container plants can either be moved indoors or overwintered in a basement or protected porch. Track page views withauctiva's free counter feedback from buyer date/time very good transaction. Fast shipping. H*********3 ( 61 ) 2017-03-1004:44:53 item arrived within time frame in good shape h********9 ( 44 ) 20exported by exportyourstore

    Pinkdose 1 Elephant Ear Black Stem -Colocasia esculenta- Add a Tropical Look to Your Garden B07D695HNV